Canopy / Duct Cleaning

Tr19 is the standard that you need to keep your kitchen held to, to avoid fire hazards to the general public and your employees. Tr19 was developed by BESA almost 20 yrs ago. The guidelines are specific for the cleaning of kitchen extraction systems and outlines each section ie. Canopy, extraction fan and discharge duct. Phoenix utility services are fully compliant with the Tr19 standard and use this as a base for all extraction cleaning

Duct / Canopy Cleaning is essential and failure to comply gives insurance companies the right to void fire claims if you cannot prove you have had your extract ducts cleaned within the last 12 months. ( in some cases more depending on use). The build up of grease is a severe fire RISK!!


Heavy use (12-16 hours a day): 3 months – Moderate use (6-12 hours a day): 6 months – Light use (2-6 hours a day): 12 months